The Carnoustie Claymores needs your help as a matter of urgency!


Club President

Club Secretary

Club Treasurer

I have made the difficult decision to step down as Club President.  I need to spend more time with my family and on my business and have some time for myself.   I have also been asked to get involved with clubs that my children are involved in and to support their activities. 

As a result of all the work that the committee has done over the last year, I am confident that I am leaving the club in better shape and more organised than ever.  It has been an honour to be involved with Carnoustie Claymores and all the wonderful committee members, coaches, volunteers and swimmers that run the club.  I would be delighted to take the time to handover the role to the new President and am confident that whoever takes it on will enjoy working with the club as much as I have.

We are also losing the wonderful Ross Jamieson in his role as Club Secretary.  He has volunteered over many years for the club in a number of different roles and I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for all that he has done and especially for the support that he has given me in my role over the last 10 months.

Unfortunately, you already know that Tracey Harper is also stepping back as Club Treasurer and has very kindly stayed on for longer than intended to help the club with some management decisions and restructuring.  Tracey has also spent lots of time updating and organising the club’s accounts and whoever takes on her role will be handed over a very organised and up to date management system.

It goes without saying that the club cannot survive without a management committee and the other important committee roles.  We need you to step forwards and support the club and your children. The deadline for filling these positions is the end of August 2023 and so please contact Club Secretary,, as soon as possible to note your interest in taking on one of the positions.  If we cannot fill the roles then there is a very real risk that the club cannot continue.

Thanks again for your support and help.  The future is bright for Carnoustie Claymores and you don’t want to miss being part of it!

Best Wishes


Lynne Falconer

Chairperson and President

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